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Instagram Marketing Strategy

This Instagram Marketing Strategy will increase your Instagram Followers

Want a solid Instagram Marketing Strategy? well we have you covered!

It’s no secret that billions of people are glued to social media. In fact, as of January 2022, there were 3.96 billion social media users across all platforms globally. In the UK, there are 30.6 million active users. Basically, 46% of the UK population has an Instagram account.

Many people use social media daily for socialisation, news and entertainment. But over the past two decades, social media has become the primary channel for businesses to market their products, and services.

With an increased number of engaged followers on your social media channels, you can spread the word about your new products and services. Social media channels are also perfect for your customers to know about your initiatives and campaigns.

However, most businesses have social media channels with less than a hundred or no followers. Having fewer followers on your social media channels affects your online presence. The good news is there are ways to grow your Instagram followers.

Want to know how? Keep reading!

Develop Trending Branded Hashtags

Hashtags are a key component of Instagram. Not only can they help you attract new followers, but they allow your social media page to stay on top of what people are looking for. As such, you’re able to reach your target audience.

Branded hashtags are unique to your company, and they help you make a correlation between the size of your audience and how much you use them. For example, company X has 100,000 Instagram followers. While that is an impressive number of followers, the number of posts with their branded hashtag is more than 500,000.

This is a sign that company X not only has followers on its Instagram page. But it has an active community that includes non-followers willing to advocate for them. In light of this, brands should attempt to create trending branded hashtags if they want to attract and engage with more followers.

Fully Optimise Your Instagram Account

Your brand’s Instagram bio acts as your homepage for your Instagram social media page. The bio section includes your profile image, username, website URL and more.

While these details may seem obvious, they help form the foundations of your identity online. For example, your website URL on your Instagram page is a sure way of driving traffic to your website.

This means you can convert followers and non-followers into buying customers. As such, your business earns revenue. In light of this, optimizing your Instagram account is essential.

Start by adding a bio and include search-friendly keywords. Next, keep your usernames search-friendly too. Add your website URL and if your business name is longer, shorten it to something your audience can recognize.

Change Your Profile Photo

Alongside adding a URL, and business name on your Instagram page, we recommend that you change your profile photos. Why you may ask. Because they are the most viewed social profile elements on your Instagram page. By changing the profile photo, you showcase your brand. It also helps your followers differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Your Instagram profile photo should be 320 by 320 pixels. But they’re displayed at 110 by 110 pixels. Make sure that you upload an image that’s 320 by 320 pixels. Do not stretch out your photo.

Avoid using your brand’s logo as your profile photo. This is because social media users want to connect with your brand. Instead, humanize, personalize and customize your photos.

Get Creative With Reels

Instagram introduced Reels back in 2020. The short video clips are 60 seconds long. These short entertaining videos on Instagram can help you bring your brand to life and express your creativity.

The Reels generate more engagement compared to traditional videos on Instagram. In fact, they can generate 67% more engagements. Markerly, a marketing agency, analysed posts from 10 brands and 80 influencers from Instagram and TikTok.

What they found out was that a brand like NBA received more likes on Reels (450,000 likes) than TikTok (63,000 likes). To ensure your Reels get noticed, shoot in vertical, use filters, music and camera effects. Keep the videos short, fun and sweet.

Be Proactive on Your Instagram Page

Interacting with your audience and followers on Instagram is huge. You can use available features such as emoji sliders, polls, question stickers and Instagram Stories to ask your followers to weigh in.

Similarly, encouraging commentary is another way of getting the conversation going. Comments are a sure way of engaging with your audience. Basically, leaving a comment prompts your audience to speak up.

Every time a follower or a non-follower asks questions about your brand, products or service, respond positively. Even when the comment or DM is negative, respond positively.

Try to respond to as many DMs, comments and questions as possible. This could mean the difference between attracting a new customer and a follower. Or improving your relationship with existing followers and customers.

Run Instagram Competitions

Instagram contests or competitions create interactions with your existing followers. While doing so, the contests also draw in countless new followers and customers. One way of growing your audience is by running an Instagram giveaway.

When you run an Instagram giveaway, your existing followers will tag their friends who will tag their friends extending the reach. After all, who doesn’t love a competition or contest? The prospect of winning draws followers by giving them a chance to learn more about your brand, products and services.

Besides giveaways, you can also run:

  • Fill in the blank contests
  • Caption contests
  • Comment to win
  • Multiple choice contests
  • Photo contests

When running these contests, promote them on your website and other social media platforms to engage more people. Only give away prizes related to your brand. For example, if your company sells shoes, giveaway shoes and not smartphones or tablets. Follow the platform rules, and don’t forget to thank entrants who did not win.

Use the Instagram Highlights Feature

When a potential follower visits your Instagram page, you’ve a few seconds to convince them to follow you. One of the best ways to attract a new follower is to use Instagram Highlights.

By organising your Stories into Highlights, you can communicate what your brand, products and services are about. Instagram Stories have a 24-hour lifespan. But by using Highlights, you can extend their lifespan. In doing so, your followers and non-followers will not miss out on your Stories.

To attract and engage more followers with Highlights, create trailers that tease. Then, organize your Stories into themes or categories. For example, if you run a travel agency, you can organize your highlights into the best destinations you’ve visited and more.

Encourage Tagging for Better Reach

Instagram changed its API to favour tagging and @mentions. To increase your followers on Instagram, encourage tagging. Start with your Instagram bio. Social media users love recognition. So, when you encourage your followers to tag you for a chance to be on your Instagram page, they’ll do so.

You can also run a photo contest or post an inspiring quote on a special holiday. For example, on Mother’s or Father’s Day, you can encourage your followers to tag other social media followers (moms and dads) who mean a lot to them.

When followers tag each other, new people are usually drawn to your page and join your active community. However, we caution that you employ this strategy sparingly. If you overdo it, it will look spammy.

Amplify Your Reach With Ads

Each year, companies spend billions of dollars on Instagram ads, and these numbers are set to increase in the coming years. Brands of all sizes understand that ads provide a platform to reach their target audience.

These ads also allow brands to stay ahead of their competition who only depend on Instagram Stories, Highlights and tagging. Instagram ads can allow you to gain more exposure and grow your social media community.

With your paid outreach, you can reach out to warm audiences such as people who visited your website and current followers.

Use Instagram Live

Like Stories and Highlights, live video is an excellent way of promoting your Instagram page to social media users. You can use Instagram Live videos to stream videos of you hosting a Q&A, a talk show or testing a product launch.

You can also share a current event, go behind the scenes of your business operations or run product tutorials. When you start a live video stream, you’ll notice a ring encasing your profile picture. This tells your followers to check out your Instagram Live.

They’ll also receive a notification when you start Instagram Live. Once you finish streaming, upload it to your Stories for 24 hours. Remember, your followers will be commenting so reply to their comments to keep them engaged.

Never Buy Instagram Followers

It’s never a good idea to buy Instagram followers. The purchased followers could be inactive Instagram accounts or bots. As such, they will not engage with your posts. Not only that. Your posts will not show up on your real followers’ news feed or Explore Pages.

Instagram discourages the purchase of fake followers. If you buy fake followers, Instagram may suspend your account. If this happens, your brand will lose credibility for engaging in dodgy practices. To avoid this, follow the tips above to grow your Instagram followers legitimately.

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